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coffee flower coorgCoffee is loved all over the world and especially in South India for centuries, unlike North India aligned to Tea. The British first brought in coffee cultivation about 3 centuries back into Coorg. All the plantations were established by the British and managed by them. They hired the local manpower, the Kodavas for upkeep of the Coffee Estates. During the course of time, Kodavas too acquired the skills and stated coffee plantations. Kodavas means Coorgi, a person from Coorg District.

The Kodavas are basically tribes in the forest land known for their bravery and hunting skills. They started hunting the wild boars and other forest animals to protect their plantations from being destroyed.

The coffee walk will take you through the coffee plantation and give you a first hand experience on the coffee plants and coffee. Coffee cultivation is an annual affair and takes a complete year for a new yield.

The types of coffee are Robusta, Arabica and Pea Berry. Robusta and Arabica are grown in Coorg.

The plant start flowering around pre-monsoon shower, called Mungaru male in Kannada. After these showers the flowers open up and coffee walkblossom. During this time entire Coorg is filled these white charming coffee flowers smelling sweet like Jasmine. After about 7 to 10 days they dry up and start forming the seed. The seed takes about 6 months to become a 1cm sphere and once they ripen, i.e. when they become dark red, they are ready to be picked.

The Coffee picking starts during December-January and normally a month long process. The picked red cherries are dried; they become brown and dry and then packed into 50kg bags and sold to the Coffee curing works.

The Coffee curing works will separate the seed and pulp and then buyers pick it up. These seeds are roasted and ground to make Coffee Powder which can be used by us.

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Bird Watching is your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature. Green valley resort is a perfect place to plan your bird watching holiday in India.

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TREkkingAlso called Kodagu, Coorg is one of the most popular places where tourists go for trekking in the Western Ghats. Occupying an area of over 4000 sq km in Karnataka, this exquisite hilly district is well known for coffee and spice plantations. The stories of its brave warriors are also not unknown to the world. Consisting thick forests, lush mountains and open grasslands, Coorg is a dream destination for any trekker or adventure lover. This place also consists of numerous protected areas, bringing hordes of wildlife enthusiasts from all parts of the world. The wildlife sanctuaries of Brahmagiri, Pushpagiri and Talakaveri offer sights of Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, Indian hares and spotted deer. While trekking in Coorg, you might also come across various species of birds like Nilgiri wood pigeons, laughing thrushes or black and orange flycatchers.

Trekking  trails:

Kunda Hills – About 7 kms form Green Valley

Brahmagiri Hills – About 45 kms form Green Valley

Tadiandamol – About 55 kms form Green Valley

Trekking in Winters:
Temperatures near the summit during winters can drop to freezing levels after sunset, making hypothermia a possibility. The higher you climb, the colder and windier it will get.


Trekking in Summers:
During summers, sunburn is a risk. Heat stroke can also set in.

Few essentials to carry while trekking:
While trekking; take plenty of water, food, a flashlight, hat, sunscreen in summers and warm clothing in winters and rainy season.

Take the following precautions while trekking in Coorg, during summers:

Drink water – lots of it. Make sure you carry your own water bottle while on trail.

Stay out of of direct sun. Wear hats and caps as well as sunglasses.

Wear sunscreen.

Avoid the hours between 10 am to 2 pm, when the the rays of sun are strongest.

Enjoy an early morning hike, then rest in the shade that afternoon.

Do not skip food, make sure your provide your body proper nutrition.

star gazingUnder the pristine unpolluted from smog, smoke and city lights, clear night sky is a delight to watch. Constellations, stars and planets are clearly visible for spotting and we also offer a telescope for the experienced and amateur astronomers.

The clear night skies of Coorg are a delight of any astronomer. Clear night sky at Green Valley is a delight to watch

river raftingIf you thought misty mountains and the best coffee flavors are all that Coorg is famous for, think again! Get away from the mundane rigmarole that life often tends to be with the exhilarating experience of white water rafting in Coorg.

One of the activities conducted in Coorg Green Valley Resort is “River Rafting”. You are sure to turn into a die-hard fan of this amazing adventure sport after your stint with white water rafting in Coorg if you are new to the experience; as for regular white water rafters, gear up for one of the greatest thrills of your life, right here in Coorg!

We also provide adventures camps in coorg home stay.

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camp fireEach evening is an experience around the campfire and barbecuing your favorite delights and warming up in the chilled out surroundings.